When I was a kid back in 1978 I got invited to take photos at the Grease party on Paramount Studios back lot. Everyone was there including John Travolta and Olivia Newton John, of course. I had no idea about the magnitude of this film and how it would be revered decades later. At the time, Travolta lived in my building at 100 S Dohney, but I never saw him.  I think that he was in the Penthouse and I was in apartment # 716. The building is still there and I drive by it all the time and  reminisce of those magical years. 
Photo by Brad Elterman

The Words
"E se quiser ser feliz, menina. Só olhe para o espelho. Lá está, a única pessoa que pode fazer isso por você. Aceite ela. Ame ela. Veja o quão incrível ela é e ainda pode ser."
Pedro Rocha    (via n-o-v-o-h-e-r-o-i)